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Introducing Award Boards - A new concept in trophy and medal display

Award Boards introduces a modern alternative to the trophy display cabinet. The Award Board will look great as the focal point of any room of your house or workplace. The Award Board is also a great addition to a child's themed bedroom as it encourages them to keep their room tidy in a creative, fun way in which they will be proud of. 

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Award Boards is now offering customers our new technology of Glow in the Dark and Glitter effect Boards in our state of the art laboratory:
  • Glow in the Dark - the glow effect from the Award Board will last long after the lights are turned off (up to 5 hours)
  • Glittered - Add the bling factor to your Award Board with this glittered effect and rhinestones complimenting your design of choice
Both Glow in the Dark and Glittered Effect Boards have a small additional cost however the effect surpasses any expense.

Our History

Award Boards is an Australian, family-based company. We take pride in the way we help our community. By purchasing an Award Board you keep our vision alive.

Big Kids At Heart

At Award Boards, we cater to all ages. Allowing anyone to showcase their interests and hobbies. This allows an Award Board...

Support us to help us support others

Award Boards is committed to helping a range of charities. By purchasing an Award Board you keep our vision alive, as we...